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Becoming a Millionaire

Take advantage of our system — the right way.

Prerit Das
6 min readJun 27, 2021

It’s impossible for our measly brains to comprehend the scale of extraordinarily large quantities. The Earth is 4,543,000,000 years old (give or take no less than 50 million years). The average American would have to live 60 million lives to experience this time.

A million dollars is a lot of dollars. Shocking, I know, and quite the insight you were seeking I’m sure. But we can break this number down such that its milestone, seemingly unattainable for many, becomes a near-guaranteed marker in your future.

And, we’re going to do it the “right” way. No gimmicks. I’m not going to tell you to start a Shopify store and dropship your way to a Lamborghini, or to take a second mortgage on your house and provide liquidity to an unknown DeFi cryptocurrency, more than likely funneling your money to a man on a beach in Cancun sipping a cold one.

But to get this going, we’re going to need a bit of background.

Most likely you live in America, one of the most expansive capitalist societies to ever exist in this world. American soil provides the groundwork for global conglomerates, like Google and Facebook, to take the world on by storm, changing billions of lives entirely. But for a savvy money-hunting greedy person like you (I’m just kidding. Sort of.) what’s more important is the billions of dollars they rake in consistently, every year.

The money that they gorge powers the American economy. Their success is the economy’s success. And what do we have that marks the economy’s health whilst providing for those invested?

That’s right — the stock market. Don’t get me wrong: the last thing I’m saying is that you should go off and play the market to make it big. If your inner Wolf of Wall Street leads you to believe this is ideal and easily attainable, see The Market’s Big Lie. Immediately.

On the contrary, we’re going to make the market, your money, work for you. Companies are on the cutting edge, selling products and services and making colossal profits, reflected in their stock prices via intrinsic value (true value), extrinsic value (perceived and expected value), and dividend value…



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